What is WarriorPlus About? A Quick Guide for Affiliates

What is WarriorPlus About? A Quick Guide for Affiliates

If you were wondering what is WarriorPlus all about you’ve come to the right place. The WarriorPlus platform, like most other platforms, has a learning curve that must be overcome. Because of the large amount of features and settings offered, this is to be expected.

Getting started as an affiliate on WarriorPlus can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never done it before. You may be unsure about the meaning of some of the phrases or how to obtain your affiliate link, among other things.

Don’t get too worked up over it. This page will provide answers to some of the most often asked questions by affiliates.

Let’s take a look at some of the most often asked questions…

  1. I’m not sure how to receive my affiliate link.

First and foremost, you should have submitted an affiliate request to the merchant. Once the vendor has authorized your request, you will receive an email informing you that your request has been granted by the vendor. Login in to WarriorPlus by clicking on the link in the email you received – and your link will be waiting for you when you sign in.

  1. What is the best way to include a bonus in my affiliate link?

To be eligible for a bonus, you must first be approved by the company. Then, next to the product name, click on the ‘Get Link’ button to the right of the button. You’ll notice a column labeled “Buyer Bonus URL.” Fill in the blanks with your information. In this field, you can provide the URL to your bonus file. You’ll have to host the bonus file on your own server if you want to use it.

The name of the offer must be clicked on if you want to include bonuses with the upsells in your funnel (product). Following that, you’ll see three tabs labeled Overview, Funnel Map, and Products.

Select the ‘Products’ tab from the drop-down menu. Now you’ll see the things in the funnel, and next to each product will be a small gift basket icon, which you may click to open. By clicking on this icon, you’ll be able to include your bonus URL in the upsells that you create.

This is also the location where you can view the whole sales funnel by selecting the funnel map button. Hopefully, the vendor you’re advertising hasn’t gone overboard with the number of upsells and downsells they’ve included. You should avoid taking advantage of such offers.

  1. What exactly is the WarriorPlus wallet?

Your commissions are stored in the wallet, and you can transfer the entire amount to your PayPal account in one transaction. This is preferable because it helps to keep the vendor’s PayPal account safe. A single transaction is preferable to a series of tiny transactions involving money that come in and go out practically simultaneously. Even if you’re completely legitimate, you want to avoid triggering the PayPal algorithm’s suspicions about your conduct.

According on your affiliate score, the length of time it takes for your commissions to be processed will differ. New affiliates may have a 30-day delay, whereas experienced and reputable affiliates may experience a delay of only a few days, or even no delay at all, depending on their expertise and reputation.

  1. What are the meanings of the phrases ‘hops’ and ‘pulse’?

Simply said, the amount of times individuals click on your affiliate links is referred to as “hops.”

The ‘pulse’ of a product refers to the popularity of the product and the number of affiliates who are earning sales through it. The pulse score will gradually decrease with time, but this is not a measure of the product’s quality or how well it will convert in the long run.

In most cases, these two measures aren’t particularly significant when it comes to product promotion. They can offer you a sense of a product’s conversion rate during a launch, but other than that, they are meaningless in marketing terms.

Even if you haven’t taken a single look at the pulse or hops, you can still generate a significant amount of affiliate sales. Keep the important things on the forefront of your mind – and the important things are your promotional efforts.

  1. Can you tell me where I can get deals to promote?

The following products are available for promotion if you click on the link provided above: https://warriorplus.com/affiliate/offers

  1. Where can I find my affiliate statistics for the day?

Here’s everything you need to know: https://warriorplus.com/affiliate/stats

You can also organize your statistics by a specific date range.

  1. How can I figure out where I stand in a junior varsity competition?

To view the contest leaderboard for a product you’re marketing, first navigate to the affiliate dashboard and select ‘Offers’ from the left-hand navigation menu. Then locate the thing you’re attempting to sell. You can either search for a vendor by their name or search for a product by its title.

If there is a contest associated with a product listing, you will see a small gift basket icon to the left of the product name once you have located it. When you click on it, you’ll be led to the affiliate signup page, where you’ll find a link to the contest at the bottom of the page. When you click on the contest link, you’ll be sent to the leaderboard.

  1. How can I view my affiliate score, refunds, and other statistics?

You can get more information about your account at https://warriorplus.com/account/summary.

That summarizes the most frequently asked questions that affiliates have when interacting with the platform.

If you don’t see your question answered here, you can always contact WarriorPlus help by clicking on the red symbol in the lower right corner of the page to open the chat box: If you don’t see your question answered here, you can always contact WarriorPlus support by email:  https://help.warriorplus.com/en/

Another option is to join the WrPlus group on Facebook, which can be found at https://www.facebook.com/groups/wrplus.


Many affiliates have achieved financial success as a result of the WarriorPlus platform. Make good use of it, and may the chances always be in your favor when it comes to affiliate marketing.

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